Give real writing a chance.

In the world of marketing, a lot of words are written that can't really be counted as writing.

It's more like strategically sprinkling a page with keywords, then surrounding them with inane, inoffensive jargon.

What's meant to happen is that the 90% fluff pads the 10% keywords. So you don't have to resort to literally sending prospects a naked list of bullet points (though that would probably be preferable, and save everyone a whole lot of time).

Whatever this is, it's not real writing.

Real writing's way less safe. Instead of providing cushion between scannable buzzwords, it pulls the reader in and actually challenges and engages them.

Real writing isn't written to be ignored. It demands attention. Creates its own inescapable gravity.

When rushed or botched, attempts at real writing do worse than "keyword stuffing." The ceiling is way higher, but the floor is way lower.

And real writing is hard, so it's no wonder that most opt for the safe alternative. They build whole marketing operations around this kind of writing. They come to expect it. They bore their customers to tears.

But I'm here to ask that any marketer reading this who feels a shard of truth jabbing their side, go out and champion for a bolder truer alternative.

Marketers of the world, make 2022 the year you give real writing a chance.