Metrics don’t measure everything

Was talking to someone last night, and they said they liked my posts. I didn’t remember seeing their likes.

They answered: “Oh, well I don’t actually click ‘like’ very often. I just enjoy reading them whenever they pop up in my feed.”

Meanwhile, I know for a fact that some people just click like on everything in sight. My posts included.

Now, of course I’d rather have the genuine “non-like” over the shallow “like” any day of the week.

But if I only measured the metrics, I’d be optimizing for those who actually clicked. Meanwhile, the real silent fans would be getting left out.

The question then becomes, how do you get an accurate read on what people really like?

If you’ve read this far, and are one of those people who likes without hitting the button, please let me know. Not because I care about the metrics (I don’t at all). But because I want to find out what you truly enjoy, and give you more of it.