Reputation is priceless

In a world where multi-billion dollar valuations have become a dime a dozen, there’s still one thing money can’t buy.

It’s the right person or institution, with the right reputation putting their seal of approval on that thing you’ve built.

I’m not talking about a #sponsored post, or some throwaway line in press-release no one will ever read. I’m taking the kind of authentic, all-in embrace that no one out there can fake.

Whether it’s something as formal as attaching their name to a board or funding round. Or it’s something as informal as talking a product, or idea to other influential friends at some dinner party or conference.

Just about everything’s been monetized and price-tagged these days. That’s what makes reputation all the more priceless.

If you can find the reputations you want in your corner, and get creative with winning them over, you’ll find your own reputation vaulted higher than you thought possible.

And by its very definition, all of this will be free.