Productive envy

Every year, Bloomberg publishes something they call the “Jealousy List”.

They go around to all the staff writers, and ask them to choose one piece from a different publication they wish they’d written.

It’s a refreshingly humbling exercise, and also a productive one.

Recognizing the skill of others in your field without ill will gives you something to aim for. And powerful motivation to improve.

Surround yourself with peers doing work that astounds you (that you feel goes far beyond your current ability), and you’ll find that the mere act of being in awe will fast-track your own development.

And before you know it, your work might be the one ending up on someone else’s list.

PS - Just want to give a shoutout to my insanely talented mentor and friend, Ari Yablok for the launch of the Island brand. It’s shot straight to the top of my list for sure.