Everything is perception (4/22)

If there’s one thing that sinks marketers, it’s the delusion that they’re dealing in the world of objective facts.

That if only their product is 26% better, then everyone will realize and react accordingly.

The truth, of course, is that this is not how the world works, and this is not how the market behaves.

People color their entire worldview through the lens of their own preferences, prejudices and preconceptions.

Take the Super Bowl for example.

For years, it was considered the hottest advertising commodity, because you knew that nearly every American was going to at least be somewhat interested or engaged by it.

Well, slowly, slowly, times have changed. And so has the perceptions surrounding the event.

This year, a meme that had been brewing for a while absolutely took off.

The Superb Owl movement.

Pictures of excellent owls everywhere.

Same exact letters. Totally different perceptions.

Next time you catch yourself believing in objective facts, just remember that where some people see game day, others see excellent owls.