There are no small pages, only small writers

Klarna careers page screenshot

Poor career pages. They’re so undervalued it hurts.

Big splashy pages like home and platform get all the love.

Meanwhile, careers is way too often rattled off as an afterthought. Same old structure, same old copy (“see all open positions”, “we work hard and play hard”, yada yada).

But it’s exactly when others miss an opportunity that it becomes ripe for the picking. With so much sameness out there, daring to do something bold and different will jolt your prospect wide awake, and sear a lasting impression in their mind.

Just look at what the masters at Klarna did with their careers page.

Who on earth has the creative courage to greet job hunters with “We don’t have a job for you.” in 90-point font? After being subjected to a mind-numbing carousel of vanilla pages, what prospect wouldn’t take note of this page? Who wouldn’t keep reading?

Besides the fact that this page is brilliant, one thing is clear here. It didn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen by sandwiching it in between deadlines. It didn’t happen by playing it safe.

Writing like this only happens when it’s given the time, respect and focus it deserves—for a careers page like this, you’ve gotta put in the work.