The one super random resource to up your creative copywriting

Not gonna sugar-coat it, truly nailing brand personality and tone of voice is hard.

Improving your clarity, concision or craft isn’t easy, but it’s fairly straightforward. You’ve got tools like Hemingway, Headline Analyzer or even just your word counter to quantify and analyze it all.

But how do you hone something as subjective as emotion or character? How do you even know what to aim for?

Enter the most unlikely copywriting resource out there—The Monologue Database

Don’t know how I first came across this, but it’s been invaluable.

It’s got this exhaustive list of famous monologues from movies, TV, plays, etc… and they’re all categorized and searchable.

So, when I’m writing a Maverick, I can just pull up Alec Baldwin’s monologue from Glengary Glen Ross. Or if I’m writing a Motivator, I can pull up Jean Arthur in Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Cybersecurity? Gotta be Jack Nicholson’s monologue from A Few Good Men.

Might seem crazy, but really studying the way these monologues capture a character’s unique tone of voice and personality has been a game changer for my creative copywriting.

Check it out, and see for yourself.