Put your messaging where your money is!

Snyk pricing page
Check out the page here.

If you want your positioning to come off as authentic, have it come across where the rubber meets the road. Not the home page, not the mission statement… we’re talking about pricing.

After all, money talks. So, who’s it talking about?

Take Snyk. They don’t just say they’re about the developer. They put their money where their mouth is.

Just look at their pricing page.

It’s not based on usage, or compute or whatever... It’s based on dev-count. A stat I’ve never heard before and very well might be made up. But it’s made up for a very specific reason.

It’s to reinforce Snyk’s positioning. Not just as a security tool, but a security brand, that developers love. Something that’s made purely for developers.

I’m sure brands aspiring to similar positioning would just keep saying it. But why bother? The way Snyk does it, the second anyone buys it, they believe it.